Management Philosophy

Providing a comprehensive energy solution friendly to environment and human through green technology and optimized service.

Kumho E&G Co., a company specialized in energy management, is Korea’s No.1 energy service company(ESCO) and a specialized green technology company certified by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.

We pursue to realize technology based management stable technology development while following the changes in social environment; based on business experience accumulated from over 6,500 domestic sites and differentiated technological capabilities, we are leading in providing comprehensive energy solutions that are friendly to environment and human.

By implementing energy management systems around maximum power management device and LED lighting, we provide an environment reducing wasted energy and capable of utilizing energy in an efficient manner.

Kumho E&G is a creative business partner with passion and further pursues a life with harmony between human and nature.

  • 1. A company loved by its customers

    2. Continuous development of energy saving technology

    3. Pursuing the best in energy rationalization area

    4. Improving mankind’s quality of life

    5. Protecting earth with green technology