Energy consumption signboard

Product types


basis of installation Seoul City Energy Ordinances Article 22(Display of energy usage amount)
Purpose of installation To enable autonomous energy usage management of the target building owner
Displayed details Display the building’s cooling and heating temperature
Installation target –Mandatory installation targets :
2012 : Buildings with yearly energy consumption of more than 2000 TOE
2013 : Buildings with yearly KEPCO contract power exceeding 100kw
– Voluntary installation targets :
Large energy consumers who intend to save energy voluntarily by displaying energy usage info in real time(plants,buildings,public institutions etc)

Advantages of Kumho E&G Co. Energy Display System

  • · Can be installed at minimum cost(basic type)
    · Customer choice widened through various options; wattage is displayed in real time(Option 1)· Central monitoring service can be utilized by interoperation with intelligent remote energy management system

    · Can be linked to maximum load control if required(Option 2)

    · Power IT technology and service provided by ESCO industry leader

    · Zero failure and aftermanagement at customer side guaranteed and messages and management slogans according to customer’s characteristics can be implemented by utilizing intelligent remote energy management system (iEMS)

  • Reduce maximum load

    – Save basic electricity fee

    –Reduce average electricity usage fee if joining selective peak fee system

    –Reduce electricity fee burden

System, Organization

Display Screen Suggestion 1(Stand type)

Display Screen Suggestion 1
(DID I / II Type)

Display Screen Suggestion 1
(STAND Type)

Display Screen Suggestion 1
(DID I / II Type)

Installation examples