Energy diagnostics business

What is energy diagnostics?

Energy diagnostics is a business consulting system that identifies a workplace’s energy utilization status across its overall energy utilizing facilities such as energy supply part, transportation part and usage part to explore loss factors and provide best improvement alternative for energy saving.

– Present efficiency improvement alternatives according to results of operating status inspection per facilities

– Identify waste heat and other irrational energy waste factors

– Present efficient waste heat utilization alternative and economy

– Present renewable energy application alternative and economy

– Present a rational energy usage model

Energy diagnostics effect

  • Management part

    – Reduced energy consumption due to investment for saving and providing incentive for activities

    – Improve company’s competitiveness by reducing energy expenses

    – Promote companywide energy saving mind

    – Present a rational energy usage model

  • Facilities and technology part

    – Prevent energy loss through optimization of operation per facility

    – Improvement of unit energy source and reduction of environmental burden

    – Stabilization of production and resource facilities by establishing

    – Accumulating data and information for in-house reduction activities

Directions of energy diagnostics activities

Major Diagnostics Activities Details

Heat energy diagnostics
  • • Heat generating facilities

    • · Review problems of fuel,water supply systems and combustion management
    • · Performance test of boiler and various furnaces
    • · Loss factor analysis and alternative for efficiency improvement
    • · Facility investment economy review on improvement items
  • Heat using equipment

    • · Performance test of various
    • · Calculating a building’s cooling/heating load
    • · Alternative for improvement
    • · Review and alternative for improvement of waste heat recovery system
    • · Energy saving new technology supply and effect analysis
    • · Review on economy of energy saving facilities investment
  • Heat transport facilities

    • · Problems of energy transport systems
    • · Discussing rational energy transport systems
    • · Economy review on waste heat recovery and heat insulation reinforcement
  • Others

    • · Energy load and trend analysis
    • · Mid-long term energy saving actions
    • · Problems of energy system and actions for improvement
Electrical energy diagnostics
  • Distribution facilities

    • · Review whether the electricity supply contract is appropriate
    • · Capacity review of distribution transformer
    • · Review of laod side voltage supply method
  • Heat using facilities

    • · Review whether heat source is replaceable
    • · Establish alternative for recovering waste heat
    • · Appropriate capacity and load review
    • · Appropriate illumination maintenance and review of power saving light source
  • Power facilities

    • · Calculating power facilities capacity and operating efficiency
    • · Present alternatives to improve load factor and power factor
    • · Review possibility of power saving through operational improvement
  • Others

    • · Measuring efficiency of electrochemical facilities
    • · Reviewing applicability of various power saving devices
Thermal imaging
Analyze the temperature distribution of various heat equipment such as boilers, melting and heating furnaces etc. per part
Check the heat insulation and leakage status of various pipings such as steam,warm water,cool water, heat medium etc
Check heat generation areas of electrical facilities such as electric switches, motors and electrical wirings
Identify insulation state of various ducts of heat storage tanks and cold storage tanks
Other locations where characteristics can be identified through temperature difference between each part

※ Details are subject to change according to business site’s characteristics and major perspectives of consulting