R&D Service

R&D Service

Kumho E&G’s iEMS SCADA has Microsoft Windows-based HMi/SCADA industrial automation software for process control and industrial automation.
Software R&D for implementation of intelligent energy management system suitable for customer’s actual situation and needs

HMI / SCADA Application Areas

Generation : Power Plant (Gas,Oil,Coal)

Building automation : Building Automation (Lighting,HVAC,Electric Power, Access Control)

Energy management : BEMS & IBS(Intelligent Building System)

Heat source facilities : Boiler and Biogas Plant

Process management : Process Monitoring(Temperature, Pressure, Level, Flow)

Water resource facilities : Water and Waste Water Facilities

Packaging and machining equipment : Milling, Filling and Packaging Machines

Railway and subway : Subway, Railway (Emergency Alert System)

Major Functionalities

Data communication

Data collection and storage

Report generation using collected data

Graphic control and monitoring through real-time communication

Text message notification of important information such as alerts

Data sharing through web server

Functionality to provide data to third party system (Modbus, DDE, BACnet, general purpose database(ODBC))