Power IT equipment

Consolidated Energy Management Device (KHDC-30000)


Korea’s first maximum power management device (KHDC-30000) registered as good procurement product

Check by searching: Good procurement designation number 2014010Nara Jangteo > Demand institution > Item > Good product designation status > Designation no. 2014010

Product introduction

  • Enables streamlined facilities operation by just setting the target wattage for saving to manage the power facility’s maximum power,thereby maximizing the energy consumption efficiency and reducing electricity usage fees.

    Functionality expansion maximized through improving speed through improving power control engine’s speed and simultaneous control of multiple devices; the product is optimized for control through mobile devices.

Adoption effect

0101 Electricity cost savings through peak control

02Convenience in power management

  • 1) Various power information monitoring through PC
  • 2) Power information monitoring using smartphone
  • 3) Cooling/heating devices can be controlled with internal RCU application ,without using the existing RCU.
  • 4) Cooling/heating devices can be monitored and controlled using the smartphone

03Cooling/heating device control

  • 1) Can be used in parallel with existing RCU
  • 2) Cooling/heating devices from various manufacturers can be controlled and monitored from one program (sometimes integration maybe not possible depending on manufacturer and no.of units)
  • 3) Coordinated control of equipment from companies other than Kumho E&G possible if open protocol is supported through demand RS-485 or TCP/IP.
    (However, development for coordination required-Lotte Mart,Emart)

04Emphasizing the unique advantages of Kumho E&G(differential control, peak control function even during gauge failure,.variable goal control, speaker functionality etc)


– Connection possible with just the IP address without purchasing separate product if Kumho E&G Co.’s consolidated energy management device is present

– Easy version management

– Supports various platforms such as Windows,Linux,Android etc

– Mobile AP granted GS certification


 * JAVA Web connection screen

 * Mobile app connection screen


Item Specifications
Control power AC 110/220V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption Within 30W
Dimensions 260 × 230 × 75(mm)
Installation method Wall & panel mount type
Operating system Embedded Linux 2.6
User Interface Output 10.2” TFT LCD (Resolution : 800× 480)
Input Touch Screen
Input contacts(2ch) KW Open collector input
EOI Open collector input
Output contacts(11ch) Alarm 3ea (AC 220V, 10A / DC 24V, 10A)
Load control 8ea (AC 220V, 10A / DC 24V, 10A)
Comm port RS-232 Port 1 ea(Maintenance purpose)
RS-485 Port 6 ea(external device connection)
Ethernet 10/100M TCP/IP

Organization diagram

Savings effect

Saved basic electricity fees

{ Basic fee(6,660 KRW) * saved peak(144kW)+( power fund(3.7%)+VAT(10%))} * 12 months+ Additional usage fee saving(10%)=14,400,000 KRW (yearly savings)

Emart N store( target power set to 1610kW since June 2008 Investment amount: 10,000,000 KRW. payback period : 0.69 years)

Energy management device (KH-DDC)


A device intelligently managing maximum power


Product Introduction

A device managing the maximum power of a power facility;

it automatically monitors the power usage and controls the facility just by setting the target wattage to be saved;

it is cap-able of maximizing energy consumption efficiency and saving usage fees




Expected installation effects

  • Energy usage amount/fees can be monitored in real time and energy usage amount estimated in the future
  • Convenient maintenance and minimization of time/cost loss realized by remote system management through professional personnel
  • Consolidated remote monitoring and management system of all power consuming devices implemented to enable efficient energy management
  • Automatically senses the maximum power consumption and energy consumption to save usage fees through optimal power usage control
  • Energy usage monitoring and management is possible through smart devices wherever Web can be used
  • Supports comparative analysis of energy usage amount through usage amount reports per time interval,daily,weekly,monthly and yearly usage amount report functionality.

Air conditioning management device (KHAM-30000)


System for saving of air conditioning power consumption by improving

air conditioning operation method in summer and winter


Product Introduction

  • Device for consolidated control and management of system air conditioners and general stand type cooling/heating devices from PC(products from other companies can be controlled if their protocol is supplied)

Introduction Effects

  1. Convenient management of air conditioners(monitoring and control supported at PC and smartphone)
  2. Peak control functionality through  interoperation with consolidated energy management device
  3. Device acting as an extension concept of existing RCU
    • Can control up to 128 rooms while each RCU controlled 16 rooms(Hitachi air conditioners)
    • Example)_ Cheonan Shinhan training centre-(200 indoor units controlled by 2 KHPM-10000 units)


– Installation costs saved as air conditioners of different types can be controlled simultaneously
Centralized control by connecting multiple controllers distributed in multiple buildings through LAN

– Operation mode, temperature, wind volume and speed set through centralized control mode

– Lock functionality provided to prevent improper user operation

– Each individual indoor unit operated according to preset operating mode

– Controls the maximum power of air conditioning devices by interoperating with consolidated energy management device

– Can control max. 256 indoor units(may differ by manufacturer)

– Embedded Web Server built-in

– Supports connection from PC, smartphones, smartpads etc. with Internet connection enabled

– The device manager can assign user privileges on discretion to restrict use of functionalities

– GS certification granted


 * JAVA Web connection screen

 * Mobile app connection screen


Item Specification
Control power AC 85V ~ 264V, 14VA
Power consumption Within 5W
Dimensions 180 × 180 × 40(mm)
Installation method Wall mount
Display LED 9 ea
ROM 64MByte NAND-Flash
Communication port(UART) RS-232 1Port, RS-485 2Port
Ethernet 10BASE-T


Consolidated powermeter management device (KHPM-10000)


Saves electrical energy usage amount and electricity fees by improving load amount control method


Product Introduction

  • An auxiliary maximum power control device that  collects and monitors the powermeter’s power analysis data , status values of devices connected to DI and DO output states for monitoring and consolidated management while interoperating with energy management device.

Application examples

01 Plants requiring measurement of actual wattage

02 If the power usage amount of a particular power line has to be checked or the power consumption of a specific device has to be measured

03 If the electricity usage amount has to be measured at a jointly used electrical facility and then the electricity fees of individual users should be calculated

04 If the target usage amount of a device connected to KHM-5000 is set and load control is required if that amount is exceeded

  • KHPM-10000 facilitates the environment setting of multiple KHM-5000 if multiple KHPMs are monitored or peak control interoperating with maximum power management device is necessary.


– Individual manual control of digital outputs by each powermeter

– e-management of maximum power by setting target power

– Detailed maximum power control by interoperation with consolidated energy management device

– Maximizing efficiency through sequential/priority/compound/differential control method

– Fast and stable recognized SQLite DB engine

– Provides power information per load

– Remote setting of powermeter possible

– Provides report functionality per peak,time,month,year

– Embedded Web Server built-in.

– Supports connection from PC,smartphones, smartpads etc. with Internet connection enabled

– Failures detected on KHM-3000, are displayed on the monitor program to enable rapid action

– Maximum 32 powermeters interoperated.

– GS certified


 * JAVA Web connection screen

 * Mobile app connection screen


Item Specification
Control power AC 85V ~ 264V, 14VA
Power consumption Within 5W
Dimensions 180 × 180 × 40(mm)
Installation method Wall mounted type
Display LED 9 ea
ROM 64MByte NAND-Flash
Communication port RS-232 1Port, RS-485 2Port
Ethernet 10BASE-T




Powermeter (KHM-5000)


Prevents facility damage due to overload by setting target wattage by each load


Product Introduction

  • KHM-5000 is a powermeter for analysis of 3-phase elements; it measures each phase’s voltage, current, active power,volt-ampere,reactive power,power factor, frequency and watt-hour.
    Includes a simplified maximum power management functionality to perform the role of a demand controller.


01  Supports Kepco DLC and building heating/cooling remote control system protocol

02  Accurate measurement of Class 1 precision

03  Maximum power control through internal target power setting

04  Stable load control through SBO(Select Before Operating) functionality

05  MODBUS RTU Protocol

06  Simultaneous load control through 8 digital outputs

07  Efficient management through digital output contact exclusion setting

08  Measurement of voltage ,current,active power,volt-ampere,reactive power, power factor ,frequency and watt-hour per load

09  Precise maximum power control through interoperation with consolidated energy management device

10  Max. 3 months of demand power info storage

11  Various communication speeds(4800, 9600, 19200)

12  Parameter Various parameter settings such as local number(ID),CT,PT etc.


Item Specification
Control power AC 85V ~ 264V, 14VA
Power consumption Within 5W
Dimensions 180 × 180 × 58.5(mm)
Installation method Wall and panel mounted type
MCU RISC Architecture 8-bit Microcontroller
Display 7 Segment 12 ea, LED 9 ea
Digital Input 2 ea
Digital Output 8 ea (250V/5A, Relay Out)
Precision Class 1 (±1%)




Saves electrical energy trough efficient cooling/heating device management


Product Introduction

  • A terminal enabling consolidated control and management of system air conditioners and genmeric stand type cooling/heating devices made by Samsung, LG,Hitachi, Carrier, oshiba, etc. from a central monitoring PC; it can control up to 16 indoor units simultaneously.


01. Centralized monitoring of cooling/heating devices through PC program

02. Maximum power control in coordinaton with consolidated energy management device

03. Installation costs saved by simultaneously controlling heterogeneous cooling/heating devices

04. Centralized control implemented by connecting various controllers distributed at multiple buildings through LAN

05. Sets operation mode,temperature, wind strength and speed through centralized control mode

06. Provides lock functionality to prevent unauthorized operations by users

07. Each indoor unit operated at preset operation mode at individually set time intervals through schedule control

08. Provides various wired/wireless communications such as RS-485, RF, ZigBee

09. Up to 16 indoor units can be controlled(based on Samsung and LG devices)

10. Security setting in which the device manager assigns use privileges to restrict use of functionalities

11. User sets controller list view order arbitrarily

12. Displays relevant information if failure occurs during cooling/heating device operation(based on Samsung/LG)


Item Specification
Control power AC 9V, 60Hz, 250mA
Power consumption Within  2W
Dimensions 125.3 × 84.6 × 27(mm)
installation method Wall and panel mounted type
Display LED 5 ea
Commports UART RS-485 1 ea (Parameter setting)
Ethernet 10/100 BASE-T (Consolidated energy management device and PC monitoring connection)




64 -room central controller


Unlike the existing products from Samsung and LG, this product can control air conditioners from other manufacturers; as one product includes 4 units of 16-room central controllers, up to 64 rooms can be controlled.


Product Introduction

  • If interoperation with in-house KHAM is used, even more central controllers can be used.

Major functions

– 16 indoor units are divided into groups so that up to 4 groups can be controlled together

– Each indoor unit’s on/off setting can be changed

– Air conditioners such as from Samsung or LG can be interoperated, whether of new or old type

– Current temperature can be displayed and indoor unit’s temperature can be set

– Settings for mode, air volume and wind direction can be changed

– Product expandability facilitated through interoperation with in-house KHAM product


Item Specification
Control power AC 220V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption Within 2.5W
Dimensions 130 × 106 × 31.2(mm)
Istallation method Wall and panel mounted type
Operating system FreeRTOS
User output 4.3″ TFT LCD (Resolution: 480 x 272)
User input Touch Screen
Comm port 5pin USB 1 ea (RS-232 maintenance purpose), RS-485 5Port
Ethernet 10/100 BASE-T