Lighting control system

Lighting Control System

– A lighting control system with various leading edge devices applied; it provides an economical and convenient lighting environment through rich management functionalities and convenient operability.

– A system capable of efficient energy management and saving by turning lighting,cooling and heating related electrical facilities ON/OFF according to user’s indoor presence and needs.

System functionality

– Kumho E&G’s lighting control system is a system monitoring and controlling a building’s heating,lighting and cooling;it provides easy and fast management and monitoring of field conditions.

– In addition, the no.of managing personnel can be minimized using the monitoring program; it shows the power usage amount and also realize power savings.

A wireless dimming system adjusting the illumination of LED streetlights by applying local area network communication; it is a system that enables effective management of lighting energy providing an optimum illumination to pedestrians and vehicles by using various methods such as automatic illumination control according to external environment, external input signals and manual dimming control.

Major functionalities of smart lighting control system

  • Wireless network system can be implemented through simple work and low cost relative to general lighting improvement works
  • Provides optimum illuminance to pedestrians and vehicles according to outdoor weather and environment through illumination sensor
    (Patent No. 10-1130334: LED streetlight changing brightness according to ambient illuminance )
  • Remote dimming mode and manual control mode can be set from the central control server through wireless communication
    (Patent No. 10-1791611 Wireless protocol based consolidated control system for EMS )
  • On/Off and illuminance of streetlight can be adjusted and set through smart devices
  • ON/OFF, wattage measurement , illuminance measurement information gathering supported
  • Wasted lighting energy can be rationalized and cost reduction realized through various control modes