Peak control system

Efficient power management, more than just energy savings.

Power demand management business

A system in which part of control system installation costs are supported if the customer installs a maximum power management device to save electricity costs by limiting power peak.

If a constant target power level is set at the maximum power management device, the load status of the used power facility is automatically controlled and adjusted so that this target power is not exceeded.

Support system

Support target

Customers with contract power of at least 500kW(normal,education, industrial power)

Support amount

Installation support : 150/unit ( granted to installing customer)

OO public institution : Installed maximum power management device

Saved basic fee: 7,754,157 KRW/year (power fund(3.7%), VAT(10%))

Summer : basic fee (6,660 KRW) ⅹ saved peak(70kW) ⅹ 8 months = 4,664,610 KRW

Winter: basic fee (6,660 KRW) ⅹ saved peak(102kW)ⅹ 4 months = 3,089,547 KRW

Saved usage fees : 3,641,357 KRW/year (based on: yearly operating days: 90 days, daily operating hours: 5 hours)

Summer(40 days) : usage fees(94.7 KRW) ⅹ saved amount(14,000kWh)+( power fund+VAT) = 1,507,435 KRW

Winter(50 days) :usage fees (73.6 KRW) ⅹ saved amount (25,500kW)+(power fund+VAT) = 2,133,922 KRW

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