• About ESS(Energy Storage System)

    · Key component of smart grid(energy efficiency maximization)

    · Stores surplus energy

    – Used during overload and emergency.

    – Effective for energy cost reduction

    · Renewable energy source with irregular output

    – Solar power, wind, tidal waves etc

    – Transformed into high quality power

    · Renewable energy sources with irregular generation amount and time

    – Power supply adjusted to be constant with time interval

    – Stabilizing renewable power

  • Upon exceeding of maximum power:

    · No operation stoppage

    · Operation continued using stored energy

    · Maximization of efficiency

    · Improved productivity

    · Moving away from governmental control

    Excessive energy wasted during nighttime

    · Stored in high capacity batteries

    · Used during power peak times

    · Maximize electrical energy efficiency

    Maximum load time vs light load time

    · Approx. 130 KRW/kWh savings in electricity fees

    ESS key technology

    · Battery optimized for repetitive charge/discharge

    · Cell balancing certified by MBS